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-Zero HP=death. Must be boxed forever.
--Poisoned to 1 HP in the field counts as death.
--In the event of a wipe/white out, may use boxed mons to continue.

-May only capture first encounter in an area.
--Name everything.
--May skip duplicates. If skipped, have three chances for a new capture. Otherwise, no capture in that area.
--Evolved forms of previous captures optional. If not caught, counts as a duplicate.
--Fixed encounters optional. If not caught, counts as a duplicate.
--Shinies may be freely caught.
--Mt Coronet counts as two areas (Cave and Summit)

-Trade evos allowed at least 10 levels after. Required items must be found in challenge, not used from other games.
--May complete all trade evos before Elite Four. Still must find required items in the challenge itself.

-May only carry up to 10 of a single item at a time. Extras found in the field are fair game for use, but if not used by the next town, must be sold down to 10.

-If a team member is switched out at critical health, it is considered incapacitated for the fight ("fainted", but not dead) and may not be switched back in or healed until the fight ends. If forced in (via Roar, Whirlwind, etc), it must be swapped out again if possible.

-Do not outgrind the next area's ace.